#Cybershujaa Program

Building the Next generation of Cyber warriors

Bridging the training, placement and retention gap for the youth in IT and Cyber security career paths

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Security Analyst Program

The Security Analyst Cohort empowers trainees with practical skills to work as a vulnerability assessor, penetration tester or as a security operations center analyst.

Data Protection Program

The Data Protection Officer Training equips trainees with practical skills to work as a Data governance, Data Protection Officers, and Data Privacy Professional within the organisation.

Cloud security program

The cloud security track addresses a growing workforce demand for cloud security specialists who are grounded well on network and infrastructure security concepts.

What We Offer

Let us help You Grow

Every year, Cyber Shujaa welcomes young individuals (unemployed, employed, and self-employed) to participate in our program. Interested candidates undergo a comprehensive interview process, after which selected participants then embark on an immersive training experience, receiving mentorship and upskilling opportunities. Upon successful completion, graduates are positioned in IT and Cybersecurity positions across various industry sectors.


Job Matching

Our Job matching program aims to connect young individuals with quality IT and Cybersecurity positions that utilize their skills and align with their passion for meaningful work.


Job Creation

Our job creation program focuses on empowering young individuals to establish their own businesses by implementing initiatives that assist aspiring entrepreneurs in overcoming entry barriers.


Job Improvement

Job improvement program focuses on enhancing the quality and work-life balance of the existing jobs held by young individuals, with a specific emphasis on promoting decency in the workplace.


So Who Qualifies?

Youth, between the age of 18 and 35 years who meet either one of the following conditions:

Employed Youth

Employed youth who are seeking to improve their job decency are eligible to apply.

Unemployed Youth

Unemployed Youth seeking placement into IT and security roles in organisations.

Entrepreneur youths

Entrepreneur youth who want to build business in the IT and Cybersecurity industry


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I first heard about the Cyber Shujaa program from one of my mentors. He rather confidently urged me to apply despite my not having an ICT degree or entirely knowing what I was getting myself into. I am really glad I did apply nonetheless, as the program turned out to be a bounty in resources, learning and growth experiences.

- Brenda Kamangara

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Our Program

Here's what Our Program entails

Bridging the training, placement and retention gap for the youth in IT and Cyber security career paths

This will be achieved by supporting youth employment initiatives in the counties and cities

Our initiative offers youth, particularly young women, opportunities for upskilling in IT and Cybersecurity

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